Monday, July 3, 2017

Salmon Salad on Boulios with Mac n Cheese

Jul 03 2017

Here is something a little lighter for in between your BBQ’s. My mac n cheese was use up some old cheese. You can make it with less fat cheeses and sour cream.

This is a no fuss meal; just mix up the few ingredients for the salmon salad early then do the mac n cheese stove top. If you want another side beets would go well with it.

I used a 15 oz. can of red salmon, use pink for about half the cost. It didn’t say what size can in the recipe but I guess it was a 7 oz. can. I used 2 TBS. of Mayo and 2 of sour cream, more celery and more sun flower seeds. I used what I thought was wheat Boulios but must have been marked wrong, they were white.

I am not a salmon lover but this tasted pretty good!

Click Here for printable recipe


Salad mixed up

Mac n Cheese

My supper

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