Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some New Spices

Jul 19 2017

I just got a package from amazon, 3 jars of Jack Stacks seasonings, Trader Joe's Chili Lime seasoning and some HP sauce.

The HP sauce is a favorite in England and called a brown sauce, tasting it, it is sweet and sour. It's a little like AI only sweet and sour.

I used to use Coulula's chili lime seasoning for chicken but can no longer find it so wanted to try some of the Trader Joe's.

I have a recipe for Jack Stacks wings and the son and I agree the best I ever made so wanted to try their seasoning rubs. A taste test they have great flavor but might be too salty for me. I will try to update this as I use them all.

Jul 20 2017

I had leftover chicken and corn to make tacos. That would be perfect for trying Trader Joe's Chili lime seasoning. I heated up the chicken with a little Maxene chili powder and heated the corn.

I heated up some soft flour tortillas and made one for me with the chicken, corn, chili lime seasoning and shredded taco cheese. The chili lime was good! My wife had one without the chili lime and had salsa and sour cream with hers.

We both had seconds and the wife tried the chili lime and liked it. I had some sour cream on my second one. I think the chili lime will be great for chicken.

Jul 20 2017
I had a brat and some corn for my lunch today. I tried the HP sauce on the brat. I liked it better than I though I would. I think it would be good on sandwiches too.

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