Monday, July 24, 2017

"Old Folks" Sausage Sandwich & Cottage Cheese Salad

Jul 24 2017

I wasn’t going to post this but Purnell’s “Old Folks” sausage is worth mentioning! It’s made from whole hog including hams and tenderloin. I haven’t had any for a while and almost forgot how good it is. I had a pound tube and made 3 patties.

I was looking forward to having the leftover corn on the cob from last night but my wife left it in the Instant Pot. I thought she had put it in the fridge but when I looked for it she said I didn’t have any corn. I didn’t know you had any left! Here it was still in the pot!

In place of the corn I made a cottage cheese salad we like real well. It’s about equal amounts of cottage cheese, coarse chopped Vidalia onions and chopped tomatoes.

I did the sausage patties on my Weber Spirit gas grill for 7 minutes per side and then added the provolone cheese to two patties and toasted the Asiago Ciabata buns for a minute.

I had Maille mustard and a slice of onion on mine and the wife had her usual mustard and dill pickles. I was full in spite of not having corn!

The sausage patties

After flipping on the Weber

Cheese & buns added

Ready to dress and serve

My supper

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