Friday, July 21, 2017

Grilled Pork Steaks, Fried Hash Browns and Applesauce

Jul 20 2017

I don’t do pork steaks very often, preferring bone in chops better. Most of the time the steaks are grilled until browned and then braised for up to 3 hours. I read a new method where they were grilled hot and fast. He was using ¾ inch thick steaks, mine were just ½ inch so I reduced the times some.

I heated my Weber Spirit to 400 deg. med. Heat. I had the steaks coated with Jack Stacks meat and poultry rub after dry brining in the fridge for an hour. They were in the fridge for 1 ½ hours after seasoning. I did them for 6 minutes per side then sauced with Kah’s BBQ sauce and did them another 3 minutes per side.

In the mean time my wife was browning up some Or Ida hash browns and we had applesauce for a side too. Fried potatoes and applesauce are our favorite sides for pork chops.

The pork steaks were nice and brown and had juice on top. I let them rest about 5 minutes before eating. It all tasted great, a good flavor and not too tough, a new way to do pork steaks for me. I did like the Jack Stack’s rub.

The steaks


On the grill

BBQ sauce added

Hash browns

Steaks resting

My supper

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