Thursday, March 30, 2017

IP Pork Chops over Cabbage. Fried Potatoes & Applesauce

Mar 30 2017

This sounded good to me for a quick meal in the Instant Pot. You browned one side of the chops on sauté & removed. Cut up a half head of cabbage, I added two slices of onions chopped too, and ¾ cup broth. I used chicken broth. Put the chops back in on top and pressure cook for 8 minutes. I did it for 9 minutes.

We like canned new potatoes once in a while. I do them in a skillet with a little olive oil and a pat of butter. We like them crispy brown and have to have some apple sauce on the side.

It was pretty good, I had used Lawry’s seasoning salt on the chops and they flavored the cabbage some. We didn’t think the chops came out that good, stove top frying or grilling would be better. I don’t thuink the Instant Pot does that well on thinner cuts of meat unless they are tough cuts. It may do well with skirt steak & flank steak.


Chops browned

Cabbage & onions

Onions & broth in

Frying the potatoes

My supper

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