Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lipton's Meatloaf and Sides

Mar 26 2017

For our Friday might’s supper I did a meatloaf on my Traeger. I looked through my recipes and found one from Lipton using their Onion Soup Mix. It was a nice 72 deg. day and I was happy to be out on my smoker.

For sides I had some Bob Evan’s scalloped potatoes and his cheesy broccoli; this made it a pretty easy supper to prepare. I turn more and more to Bob Evans for potatoes and veggies; his products are pretty good.

I made up the meatloaf early and let set in the fridge a few hours before smoking. I added about 2 Tbs. ketchup to the top and seasoned well with some Weber Chicago steak seasoning. It went on the smoker for a half hour at 200 deg. then went to 280 deg. grill level. It took another hour and 15 min, to get to 160 deg. IT. I did go to 300 deg. grill level the last 20 minutes.

The meatloaf turned out great; the wife even approved. Over the years I have made a lot of meatloaves and very seldom the same recipe. My wife was always saying why don’t you get a good recipe and use it all the time. I thought they were all good just some better than others! This one was better than most; just the right flavor and moist so will have to remember and use it for a while.

Click Here for printable recipe


All mixed up

Ready for the smoker

Done at 160 deg. IT

My sides

Ready to serve

My supper

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