Monday, March 13, 2017

Wagner Ware Ashtray & Bullet Mold Ladle

Mar 13 2017

A large percentage of the early cast iron cookware was made here in Midwest Ohio. Wapakoneta, Piqua and Sydney are all pretty close. Piqua Ware was made from 1916 – 1935, Sydney Halloware was made from 1884 – 1960, Wagner Ware was made in Sydney from 1891 – 1958 and Wapak Halloware was made from 1903 – 1926. Ahrens and Arnold were also made in Wapakoneta but only a few years.

I have a Wapak Z logo skillet I use to make corn bread and a Wapak sad iron. My wife got me an Ahrens and Arnold skillet for Christmas; that was the first time I knew they were made here. My wife’s aunt is an avid antique collector. Her and my wife goes to a lot of auctions together. The last time my wife was down to see her she sent a cast iron ashtray for me; she knows I like cast iron. Here it was a Wagner Ware. It has an oval logo with one W for Wagner and Ware. It says “made in the USA” 1050 and an E at the bottom.

I had a 3 leg cast iron bullet mold ladle I bought about 40 yrs. ago for making lead round balls for my black powder rifles. I think I bought it from Lahmen’s Hardware; the back says “Reproduction from original old bullet mold ladle”.

I cleaned both of them out and re-seasoned in the oven twice to get a nice black color. I have a place above my Ahrens and Arnold skillet to display the ashtray.

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