Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Skillet Burgers and Bacon Wrapped Pickles & Mushrooms

Mar 07 2017

Yesterday I had hoped to do smash burgers on my gas grill but then the rain came so had to do them inside. I had a pound chub of ground round I forgot to put in the freezer so had to use it.

My sides would be some small dill pickles stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. I got the idea from LTBBQ member Old Dave. I had some Claussen mini dill pickles, I cut the top off, scooped out the seeds and filled 2 with cream cheese and 2 with some beer cheddar spread, sprinkled some Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle over, wrapped in center cut bacon. I secured them with toothpicks and some more seasoning on top.

I had some baby bella mushrooms and removed the stems from 4, added some seasoned stuffing mix and wrapped in bacon. The bacon would provide moisture for the stuffing mix.

I preheated my convection oven to 400 deg. and added the pickles and mushrooms. I heated up a skillet with a little olive oil spray and did 4 smash burgers using about .2 pound for each seasoned with Weber’s gourmet burger seasoning. After about 4 minutes I flipped the burgers and added some provolone cheese after 3 minutes.

The pickles and mushrooms had been in for 15 minutes but the bacon needed browned some. The burgers were done so set off the burner and put the pickles and mushrooms under the broiler to crisp up. I had toasted some buns cut from hoagie buns, added mustard and two of the burgers.

That was a good supper; I was hungry for a good burger. The wife and I both loved the pickles, both cheeses were good but we both thought the cream cheese was a little better. Thanks for the pickle idea Dave, delicious and will be making them again!

 Pickles & mushrooms ready for the oven

 Making the pickles

The mushrooms

Burgers are on

Turned & cheese added

The buns

Pickles & mushrooms done

Burgers done

My supper

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