Monday, March 13, 2017

Bacon, Eggs & Pancakes Lunch, Chili for Supper

Mar 13 2017

My wife was gone most of the day Sunday; Church in the AM then out to lunch with fellow High School classmates. After lunch they went to see an Irish group; they all were celebrating their 75th birthday this year.

My wife doesn’t care for pan cakes and I get hungry for them so it was a good day to fix some. I like eggs on top of mine with maple syrup and salt. I like the sweet salty taste. I also indulge once in a while and make sunny side up eggs the way my Mother used to. She fried bacon and then did the eggs in the grease, spooning it over to cook the tops. The outer edges of the egg would be crispy brown.

I mixed up a half batch of Pioneer Brand buttermilk baking mix. I fried up 7 slices of bacon and then didn’t do well with the eggs and pancakes. I had a griddle heating up for the pancakes. The first egg I added to the skillet I broke the yoke then the second one I cracked in my spoon holder. I poured it into the skillet and at least I would have one runny yoke.

I didn’t let the cast iron griddle heat long enough; on the flip they were not done enough and almost burnt the second side. Oh well it all tasted pretty good together. I had some Ohio pure maple syrup to use.

My wife got home a little after 5:00 and said they had a good time. My supper would be about as easy as it gets; a can of Margaret Holmes Chili Fixins and a pound of ground round. I like to use ground round for chili it has about the right amount of fat to leave in.

I browned up the ground round and then added the can of fixins and let it simmer about 15 minutes. I had leftover rice and added some to my bowl. I had some dried red peppers on top of mine but didn’t think they went that well with the chili. My wife and I both have buttered crackers with chili.

The chili was decent but needed more chili powder and I didn’t care for the dark red kidney beans. I use pinto beans in my chili.

My lunch

For the chili

Ground round

Ready to serve

My supper

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