Sunday, July 19, 2015

Smash Burgers and Corn on the Cob

Jul 18 2015

It was another hot one today, 94 and 55% humidity. I did manage to get some of the weeds in my yard sprayed this AM before it got too hot. About 4:00 PM I thought maybe I would have to move this cook inside but the rain passed to the North and we just got a shower it did cool it off some.

I was hungry for a hamburger; I had buns and corn leftover to use from my prior cook. I love smash burgers on the back of grill grates in my Weber Spirit. I grilled up 4 for two minutes each side and had some Swiss slices to melt between and toasted the buns. I steamed some fresh corn on my Camp Chef burner.

To make smash burgers you need a stovetop griddle or a griddle for your gas grill. I use my Grill Grates which are anodized aluminum and have ribs for searing meat. They get hotter than the regular grill grates. The back side is smooth and I like using it for flat iron style cooking. I make the burgers with 80/20 ground beef; form loose balls a little smaller than a tennis ball. Spray the griddle or the meat with a little oil. I like to spray the meat and then place on the griddle. Use a spatula or a burger press to flatten the burgers as much as you can. I have my Weber heated on med. about 400 deg. and just takes about 2 minutes per side to get them nice and brown.

That tasted good; my wife and I both had two ears of corn along with the burger. We had some sliced tomatoes and lettuce on the burgers; my wife added a slice of dill pickle to hers too but then she has a bigger mouth than I do!

Burgers about done and buns on to toast

Cheese added

Steamed corn

My corn

My sandwich

That is good!

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