Friday, July 10, 2015

Pea and Bacon salad w/ Meatloaf Sandwich

Jul 09 2015

Rainy and on the cooler side today; glad we did not get much rain since we had 2 inches the two days before. Sutters notified me by e-mail, I am on their list, they would have corn today. I thought maybe it would be late this year but said their corn is on high ground so it was right on time. I went to the grocery today and stopped at their stand and got some tomatoes. I will get some corn tomorrow to have with my ribs.

I went to Kah Meats and got some jowl bacon and a pound of their regular bacon. I did 5 slices to use for my pea salad and some of the jowl bacon to use in my beans tomorrow. I did it on my Traeger, started on smoke mode 180 deg. and eased up to 250 deg. and then to 275 the last 15 minutes.  I took the jowl bacon off after about 50 minutes so it had some fat left to flavor the beans. The other was done in 1 ¼ hours.

I made up the pea salad after the bacon was done. I only had one bag of peas so made a half recipe. I didn’t mix in the bacon, I like to serve it over top and it stays crispier. It went in the fridge until supper time.

I was having a cold leftover meatloaf sandwich, but the wife had hers heated with some gravy. We had a thick slice of tomato with a little vinegar and oil and some sliced Thai basil and the pea salad with the meatloaf.

The wife and I think this is the best pea salad; just some mayo and sour cream dressing and green onions with bacon. It is an old Frugal Gourmet recipe.

Click here for printable pea salad recipe

The bacon

For the salad

Thawing the peas

Dressing added

My wife's supper

My supper

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