Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jowl BLT's and Fresh Corn on the Cpb

Jul 11 2015

It was a beautiful day today! It was sunny, not too hot and not a drop of rain all day! I started early and mowed the front yard, our son came down and mowed the back for me. I had all afternoon to enjoy, smoke the bacon for sandwiches tonight, listen to music and sip some beer. Just me and the dog!

I had two of my favorite things tonight I look forward to every summer about mid-July, fresh tomatoes for BLT’s and fresh corn on the cob! The corn was fresh picked yesterday and I had some smoked jowl bacon for the and fresh tomato for the BLT’s.

I smoked the bacon on my Traeger on smoke mode 180 deg. as soon as I got the bacon on I eased it to  275 deg. and that gave me 300 deg. grill level. It took about an hour and then left 5 slices on another 10 minutes. It went in the fridge until supper time.

My wife had lunch with some classmates and did some shopping. When she got home at 5:00 I had the corn cleaned and my steamer pot ready on the Camp Chef. For the corn I just clean some of the outer husks off, trim both ends and steam about 6 minutes in the husks.

I put the CI griddle on to toast the buns and went out and turned the gas burner on. By the time I toasted the buns the water was steaming so I did the corn and took in to make the sandwiches.
My wife had mayo on her BLT and what was left of my pea salad. I had mayo and mustard on my BLT and a small bowl of my leftover beans.

Did that ever taste good! I have had jowl bacon different ways the last 3 meals and corn on the cob the last two, so got my bacon and corn fix, at least for a few days!

Slicing the bacon

On my Traeger

Bacons ready

Toasting the buns

My beans

My corn


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