Saturday, July 18, 2015

Chicago Style Beef, Fried Potatoes and Corn

Jul 17 2015

It was Hot and humid today, 89 deg. and 65% humidity. I already had my meat cooked and just had to slice and get all in the Crockpot. I was planning on steaming the corn on the cob and browning up some potatoes outdoors but that got moved inside.

I went to Sutters red wagon and got 6 ears of their fresh picked bi-color corn this morning. The wife and grandson went out for lunch and then to a movie. I sliced up the two rolls of flank steak I had cooked yesterday. I vacuum sealed all of one roll and part of the other. I got it sliced thin; it was rare and looked good.

I had about 2 pounds of the meat for my Chicago style beef and got all in the Crockpot about 1:00 PM. I waited until 3:00 to add the sliced peppers. It would be served on Ciabatta buns.

I steamed some small new potatoes then sliced and added butter and seasoning. I browned them up in a skillet at supper time. I had two ears of corn ready in the steamer and browned the potatoes. I had a yellow tomato from my garden sliced and topped with seasoning, Thai basil leaves, olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Instead of dipping the sandwiches in the Au Jus, which is traditional, I served it on the side to dip in. That tasted great; it had been a while since I made these. The flank steak; cooked to rare, sliced very thin and then slow cooked in the Crockpot was tender and a good taste.

Click here for printable beef recipe

The beef

Slicing thin

One roll sliced

Other roll sliced

Potatoes steamed, sliced and seasoned

Beef is ready to serve

My corn

My supper

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