Saturday, July 11, 2015

BB Ham Ribs w/3 beans and Jowl bacon and Fresh Corn

Jul 10 2015

I found this recipe on Saveur for ham cured ribs by Chef Chris Shepherd of Underbelly in Houston.
I had high hopes for them but they came out too salty and I even cut the salt some in the brine. I halved the recipe and used 5/8 cup instead of ¾ cup for the half gallon of water. The next time I will try 1/3 cup since that is what I use in my standard brine.

My BBribs also were not the best. I bought them at my butchers and they were double wrapped and frozen. When I got them I thought they were a little shorter than normal, but they were thick. When I thawed and unwrapped there were two short racks. One looked pretty nice but the other looked like half ribs and half back strap. I cut them in half for my brining pot. They would still do and plenty for the wife and me.

My brine mix was half gallon of water, 5/8 cups of coarse salt and a tablespoon of pink salt, insta cure #1. The ribs were in the brine for 3 days. Anyone’s thoughts on the brine and time are appreciated. After brining I rinsed well and dried, seasoned with just a little Blues Hog rub and in the fridge several hours before smoking.

I had planned on 4 ½ hours for the ribs; 2 hours at 180 deg. and the rest on 235 deg. After two hours I went to 235 deg. and my Savannah Stoker controller settled in at a steady 250 to 255 deg. at grill level.
I had read at several good BBQ sites that the ideal IT for rib was 180 to 190 deg. At 3 hours I checked the temp with my grey thermopen and it was 180 to 185 deg. I thought another 1 ½ hours they will be too done so I went back to 220 deg. I should have remembered Old Dave takes his to 208 in the wrapped stage and mine ended up being underdone.

The ribs were supposed to be glazed with a mustard and molasses sauce. My sample package of Blues Hog came today and one was their Honey Mustard sauce so I used that instead of making my own. I used it on one piece for but I used Kah’s BBQ sauce on two for the wife, she doesn’t like mustard sauces.
I left the piece that looked like back strap plain.

I sauced them with 50 minutes left and tented with foil and let rest 10 minutes before cutting up. I liked the mustard sauced one pretty good and not to mustardy tasting. I always like the Kah’s BBQ sauce.

I thought the beans were extra good, even though the wife didn’t care for them. I thought they had a nice balance of the sweet, sour and heat. I knew the Sutters corn would be good, fresh picked today and my first of the season. I steamed them in my rice cooker and we had butter, Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle and parmesan cheese on them.

Click here for printable bean recipe

Click here for link to rib recipe

Ribs in the brine for 3 days

After 3 days

A little Blues Hog Rub added

For the beans

Jowl bacon, onions, and peppers sauteing

All in except the Rotel tomatoes

Blues Hog sampler pack

On the smoker ready for sauce

All done

My corn

My supper

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