Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pulled Pork Stuffed Fatty

Jul 03 2015

One thing I wanted to try with the pulled pork I did the other day was stuff a fatty with it. I had made a stuffer that I got the idea from Jeanie at Cowgirls Country Life blog. I had not used it in a long time.

Someone smoked a one pound chub of sausage and the fatty was born; then they started stuffing it with goodies and the ideas are limitless, just about anything you might like with sausage. If that wasn’t enough they wrapped them in bacon and the ultimate was to wrap it in a basket weave of bacon.

I figured I needed a binder with the pork to help hold it together. I added one beaten egg and about 2.5 tablespoons of corn meal. I put it in my stuffer tube and packed it down, then wrapped in foil and in the fridge for 3 hours to chill. My stuffer tube is 2X9 inch PVC and the piston is 1 inch PVC with 1 ¼ inch caps glued to each end.

To a gallon plastic bag I added 1 ¼ pounds of sausage; pressed it out by hand then used a rolling pin to flatted out even and get it in the corners. I then pushed the pork out of my stuffer tube on the sausage; I had cut the top out of the plastic bag. I carefully rolled it up and tucked the ends in to seal it up. I wet my hands and rubbed it down to help seal the seam. It went in the fridge for two hours before smoking it.

This AM I went out to a veggie stand to see if they had any Tennessee tomatoes yet. He had some and some Georgia sweet corn so I got some tomatoes and half dozen ears of corn. They would taste good with the fatty. I had some mozzarella cheese for the tomatoes and some fresh Thai basil for caprese style with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I had a new blue granite steamer pot to do the corn in. It has a wire insert that sets up off the bottom about 3 inches.

It was a nice day today; a little cool this AM but got up to about 80 in the afternoon. I sat out, sipped on some beer and listened to music.

I seasoned the fatty with some Blues Hog rub and got it on the Smoker at 180 deg. for 45 minutes then went to 225 deg. for 15 minutes and inserted a temp probe, it was at 105 deg. I wasn’t ready to eat for another hour so left it there for a half hour then I went to 235 deg. It was on almost 2 hours. I was running about 15 to 20 deg. hotter at grill level.

I had removed the outer husks from the corn, and cut the stalk off and some of the silk end. I had the water steaming on my Camp Chef burner and when the fatty was at 160 deg. I put the corn in and took the fatty inside; covered with foil and when the corn was done in about 12 minutes I served it all.

The corn was good and sweet, not like fresh picked but pretty good and the caprese style tomatoes were good. I had some left over potato salad too and thought the fatty was great; I am liking the Blues Hog Rub. My wife didn’t think the fatty was anything special; but when I told her what we were having she said this will make the third night in a row we have had pulled pork! I think she is getting tired of it.

I think I will freeze what is left and get out for some sliders done on the grill.

Pulled pork and my stuffer

Pork w/egg and corn meal

Pork stuffed in the tube

Sausage rolled out

Pulled pork on the sausage

Rolled and ready for the fridge

Seasoned and ready for the smoker

About done

Corn steamed and ready

Corn w/Penzey's sandwich sprinkle

My supper

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