Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Two new Toys and Leftovers for Supper

Jun 17 2015

I got two more new toys today, part of my Father’s Day get your own presents! I got a Thermoworks gray pen and a Camp Chef Pro 30 single burner stove. I can’t wait to try them both.

The Camp Chef was packed well, so well I had to cut the box completely open to get it out. It was all assembled but putting the legs on. I like the looks of it especially the hinged cover that opens into a shelf. I know it will cook well since I used Cliff’s two burner at the gathering. I set it up on my deck but will use it out beside my gas grill.

With all the rain and my freezer full I decided to eat some of my leftovers for tonight’s supper. I had taken some pulled chicken and some pulled beef out last night to thaw. We will have the chicken tomorrow.

I toasted some King’s Hawaiian buns for our sandwiches and warmed up the beef in the microwave. My wife had mustard and Claussen’s dill pickles on hers and I had some mustard and Kimchi on mine. For a side I had cottage cheese, tomatoes and Vidalia onions on some iceberg lettuce.

I usually just have salt and pepper on the cottage cheese mix but had some Savor All and some Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle on it. It is better with fresh garden tomatoes but these were vine ripened and not too bad. The Kmichi was great one the beef.

The gas burner and thermopen

View of the burner

My supper

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