Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wolfgang's Beef Goulash

Jan 17 2014

I had some good store bought spaetzel, (Bechtel farmer’s style) and wanted to make some good beef goulash to serve with it. I found a recipe by Wolfgang Puck. I always thought he was Hungarian but he was born and raised in Austria. I looked it up and found that Austrian goulash was thinner than Hungarian and sometimes served as soup.

I started about 3:45 and finished at 6:30 to serve. I used my Lodge 6 quart Dutch oven to make the goulash. Your cook time will vary according to how long it takes to get the onions caramelized.

Our local Wal-Mart is baking some good bread and had a loaf of crusty whole garlic bread to serve with it. Near the end I warmed it in a 355 deg. oven for 5 minutes to freshen.

I served it in large bowls, the goulash over top of the spaetzel and enough gravy to sop the bread. The gravy had some of the best flavor of any I ever made and the beef was melt in your mouth tender.

My wife said I am watching one of my free movies on M Go and only have so much time to view it, I can eat later. I said no, set up your TV tray and I will serve you in there, I am the boss here! J

She thought the goulash was great too.
Some of the seasoning

Beef cut up

Browning the beef

Deglazed goodies to add

Caramelizing the onions

Seasonings added and pot deglazed

Done and ready to serve

Cooking the spaetzel


My bowl of comfort

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