Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chicken and Rice Soup W/WOW Seasoning

Jan 24 2014

It was not much above 0 deg. and windy all day, it is 2:00 am right now and the temp and wind has picked up. It is 19 deg. 25 mph winds and snowing. Looks like snow and wind all night and tomorrow with 37 mph gusts! It is not weather for cooking out!

I had just bought 8 lb. of Natural Rice’s Texmati rice to use. It is organic and no GMO. I had some chicken thighs so decided to make chicken and rice soup. I had just received some Savor spices I wanted to use to cook out some BBQ. I had tasted the WOW, Way Out West, seasoning and got to thinking it should taste good in the soup. It had sage in it and I had used sage in chicken soup before but I am not big on sage.

I had baked a loaf of no knead bread earlier to have and baked some Philippine pork egg rolls to serve too. Maybe not the standard side with chicken and rice soup but they tasted good. I had Mae Ploys sweet chili sauce on the egg rolls and added some fresh ground pepper to my soup. My bread was a little on the heavy and dense side but was edible and was good dipped in the broth.

What really made the soup shine was the Savor WOW seasoning! When it was cooking my wife said several times how good it smelled! Even though I am not a big fan of sage if you mix it with the right spices and herbs it is good. Savor spices got it right with their WOW seasoning and I can see using it in my next chicken and noodles too. This was a healthy meal with great taste on a cold night.

I added a link to Savor Spices under My Favorite Sites. Everyone at Lets Talk BBQ love their seasonings for BBQ; so go check them out.
My Bread

Soup Ingredients

Onions, celery and carrots sauteing

Chicken and WOW seasoning in

Ready to serve

My supper

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