Friday, January 24, 2014

Bisquick Classic Peach Cobbler

Jan 23 2014

I am still cooking inside because of the cold -1 deg. right now. Our supper was not that exciting; wife daughter in law and grandson ate carry ins from a pizza place. I fried some of a friend’s home made ring bologna and had a sandwich with mustard and had sides of leftover spoon bread and cheesy potatoes. I had the better supper. We all had some of my peach cobbler for dessert.

I had bought a large can of Margaret Holmes Osage cling peaches. If you can get them in your area they are the closest store bought peaches that are like home canned. A fruit cobbler is an easy thing to make even if you make your own batter. I made it even easier by using Bisquick mix for the batter.

I used the recipe from the Bisquick site for their classic Bisquick peach cobbler. I used half and half cream for the milk and added two ingredients. Basically you mix the batter and pour into a baking dish, drain the peaches, stir together with ½ cup of sugar and spoon over the batter and bake.

When you mix the peaches and sugar stir in a teaspoon of vanilla. Then after you pour the peaches over scatter 3 or 4 large pinches, 3 or 4 tablespoons, of brown sugar over it. I used some organic raw brown sugar but any should work.  These two ingredients took it up a notch.  If you like cinnamon; sprinkle some of that over too. It tasted good to me but would be a little better if heated and served with some vanilla ice cream. That would be good even on a cold winter night like tonight.

Ready for the oven

Done baking

My Dessert

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