Monday, January 13, 2014

Philippine Spring Rolls and Stir Fry

Jan 12 2014

It has been warmer 40 deg. weather since the deep freeze but sure doesn’t feel like it. It’s been breezy so it’s a damp cold. I still have not got back out on my smoker but will tomorrow. Plans over the week-end did not work for cooking out but getting ready now to put a pork tenderloin in to brine overnight.

Saturday night the wife and I had leftover creamed chicken over toast, fried canned potatoes and a veggie, she had peas and I had corn. Tonight our son had to work so told the daughter in law to come down and we would have some of the Philippine ladies spring rolls and a stir fry.

I had 4 each of the chicken and pork spring rolls thawed; some left over yellow rice and a bag of Green Giant baby, peas, snap peas, carrots and Thai corn for the stir fry. The grandson loves the baby corn. There was not much prep to do. The first time I fixed some of the Philippine ladies spring rolls I just did the chicken and deep fried them. I did these on a rack in the oven at 425 deg. F for 13 minutes and then turned for another 8 minutes. I did the stir fry while the spring rolls were in.

The stir fry was more like a skillet cook, used left over olive oil from my poached fish. I did the baby veggies first and then added the rice. I served it with the Philippine ladies sweet sauce, Mae Ploy’s sweet chili sauce for the spring rolls and soy sauce for the stir fry. I had the pork spring rolls with Mae Ploy’s and some soy sauce over the rice and veggies. We all liked it; I liked the deep fried spring rolls better but the wife said she liked the baked better.

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