Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Curtido done fermenting

Jan 03 2014

My cortido, (curtido), South American style sauerkraut had set in my fermenting crock for 21 days for a full fermentation. It looked good; no scum on the top and it had a nice pinkish red color. I had read up on it and found the traditional is pickled in pineapple vinegar and sometimes made fresh like our vinegar based coleslaw.

I had a little scum on the top the first four days that I skimmed off but after that it stayed clear. After the seventh day I left it covered until done. I had to add water to the seal every couple of days due to evaporation.

I ended up with 4 ½ quarts and stored in the fridge to cure a few days. I did a taste test and not really sure I will like the stuff; it might be better after setting a few days. My fermenting book that had the recipe I used called for three to seven day fermentation so it actually might be better with a shorter fermentation.

In South America it is usually served with Pupusa’s; much like Mexican arepas only thicker and stuffed with cheese, pork, and loroco. Loroco is an edible herb and the flower buds are pickled. All I could find is it is a little like capers. The curtido and Pupusas are served with tomato sauce.

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