Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Smoked Tomato and Zucchini Salsa

I did the following salsa last Monday. It is nothing exciting but shows zucchini makes a good filler for making salsa and a way to use up some if you grow your own. It gives some texture and should take on any flavors you add. It may not be as good in a fresh salsa but it worked in my cooked version. I think mine could have used some more onions at least and maybe some green peppers.

I didn’t have anything planned to cook for supper tonight; we had some leftovers to use up. I still had some tomatoes and zucchini from my neighbor that needed used. I decided I would roast them and make a small batch of Salsa.

I had seven med. tomatoes, and a zucchini to use. I picked 4 Anaheim peppers from my garden and cut an onion in half. I cut the tomatoes and zucchini in half added all to a sheet pan coated with olive oil spray. Seasoned with salt & pepper and sprayed with olive oil.

I did these for a half hour on smoke then went to 225 deg. After a total of an hour 45 minutes I checked them and went to 300 deg. for another half hour.

After they cooled I took the peels off the tomatoes & cut up some. There was plenty of water left since I did them peel side down so poured about half off. I cut up and added the zucchini, onion & peppers to this, some cilantro, two stalks of sliced celery and two chopped garlic cloves.

I chopped this all up pretty fine in my food processor. It went into a sauce pan, brought to a boil then went to simmer. I added the juice of a lime and some tomato paste. I simmered it about 20 minutes. I tasted it and decided to leave as is, a little above mild heat; a little too much cilantro for my taste. I just ate a couple of bites on my Cajun crackers, the heat builds after eating. My Anaheim peppers are hot.

Seasoned and ready to smoke

All done

More ingredients added


My Big Batch!

Smokin Don

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  1. I bet the smokey flavor of the veggies makes this salsa spectacular!