Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cold Ham Sandwich and sides

We finally got some much needed rain today; about a half inch early afternoon and over an inch tonight. We had a little wind and a lot of lightning and thunder.

I had the ham I smoked yesterday for cold ham on rye sandwiches. I had enough tomatoes from my garden to do some tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash and onions in vinegar. I made that up this morning. I got some fresh picked corn from my produce wagon & that should make a good meal. I also had 4 Anaheim peppers I would make some poppers for me and my son.

Just after noon my neighbor said to come over, she had some garden produce for me. Here she had three 5 gallon buckets of tomatoes, one of red beets, one of cucumbers, one of zucchini, and some acorn squash. She said take all you want I have already canned up a bunch. I filled a bucket with some of each.

I had enough beets for a nice mess so I washed them and cooked for supper too, then I would have 3 veggies for my d-i-l. I love those fresh beets.

I must admit it’s been a little trying at times cooking for all of us since my son & family moved in; like too many in my kitchen, that’s anyone but me! And getting used to their eating habits, my d-i-l is a veggie, my son does not like a lot of veggies, our grandson will eat about any veggie, raw or cooked. They have always lived in big cities, a lot of good carry outs, and a lot of choices to dine out. They were used to each having what they want, a little spoiled I think!

My Mother served family style, at the table, usually meat, potatoes and a veggie. If you didn’t like something you filled up on what you did like. We had no fast food or pizza parlors. That’s about the way we fed our family too, we did have fast food and pizza but at most we ate that maybe once a week. If my wife felt like it she would go to 2 or 3 places to get what everyone wanted.

I sliced the ham up early and made the poppers. I stuffed them with philly onion & chive cream cheese with some sharp cheddar mixed in & wrapped in bacon. I put the corn in to soak a few hours.

I got the poppers & corn on the smoker at 250 deg for one hour. While that was cooking I put the beets on to reheat, sliced the rye bread and sat out everything else. After one hour I knew the corn was done and the popper s looked done too.

I turned the smoker down to smoke mode and told everyone to get their sandwiches made and the sides they wanted. I said give me a holler when you are done and I’ll bring the corn & poppers in and serve you. When all the chaos was over in my kitchen I served the corn and poppers.

The ham I thought was just right. Everyone liked the food and got plenty to eat. Maybe I am getting better!

My poppers

My supper, sandwich, poppers, corn, beets and tomato cuke salad

Smokin Don

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