Friday, August 3, 2012

Pork and Beans with cornbread

94 today so it was a good day to do all my cooking outside. I used my gas burner to do up some pork and beans, my Traeger would bake the cornbread. A 15 bean mix and Miracle Maize’s country style cornbread; I like it for covering with beans or in soups and gumbos. For eating with butter on I like their sweet style.

I put my leftover rib & back bones in a pot with some celery, an onion, salt and pepper, covered with water. My gas burner is hard to get down to a simmer so in just over an hour the meat was fall off the bone so I pulled it and the celery & onions out to cool and added the beans in with a chopped onion and a few drops of Cholula hot sauce.

While the beans were cooking I preheated the smoker to 350 deg. along with my cast iron skillet. I mixed up the cornbread and got it on. In just over ½ hour it was done.

My grandson and I will be the only ones eating the beans; no one else here knows some good food! I will freeze a couple of bowls for my Mother. This tastes better on a cold winter night, but I was hungry for some beans.

I had the beans on the stove to keep warm. At 5:00 my grandson said can I eat, I’m hungry so I cut a piece of cornbread and covered with some pork & beans. He ate it all then got another piece of cornbread to eat. I ate a plate of it later with some Cholula hot sauce. That hit the spot!

Don't you love the color of those beans

The bean mix

Pork ready to cook

Pork is done

Pulled and chopped ready to add to the beans

Cornbread fixins

Cornbread's done

Pork & beans cooking

My Plate

Smokin Don

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