Saturday, August 4, 2012

Smoked Ham and pickled peppers

I wanted to get a small boneless smoked ham from my butcher for some sandwiches and ham salad, 5 or 6 lbs would have been good. He had one large one and a small piece in the meat case. I told him just to give me the one from the meat case, 2.5 lbs. It was smaller than I wanted but would make a few sandwiches and a small batch of ham salad.

Kah’s hams are smoked and fully cooked. Every time I used to buy one Dick would tell me now don’t overcook that or you’ll dry it out. I hope I didn’t dry this small one out. I suppose I prefer my ham a little more dry than some, with a little texture instead of the water injected stuff you buy at the groceries.

I started this one, coated with some molasses, at 275 deg. I ended up at 325 to finish to 138 deg. IT. I tented to rest then after it cooled some, in the fridge. I can’t remember the exact time; I was a little lazy today. I’ll slice it tomorrow.

I had planted six Anaheim pepper plants in my small garden. I do Anaheim poppers some since they are usually milder than jalapenos. About a week ago I picked a small mess of them, looked a little small for poppers so I decided to pickle some. It looked like I had enough for a pint. I tasted one while cleaning and these babies are hot.

My first batch I added a couple garlic cloves, pinch of crushed red pepper flakes, and a pinch of salt, all packed in a pint jar. I boiled 1 ½ cups of apple cider vinegar, covered the peppers and sealed. When cooled they went in the fridge. I tasted a piece today and too hot for me just to eat but may be good on a sandwich.

I picked enough today for another pint and saved out 4 bigger ones for poppers. For this batch I did the same but had enough room for a couple slices of onions, and added a pinch of sugar too. I tamed the vinegar down some too, 1 cup apple cider vinegar and ½ cup of water.

Hams about done

Ready for the fridge

Pickled Peppers

Smokin Don

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