Monday, August 6, 2012

Zucchini Bread

We had another good rain early this morning, over an inch; overcast most of the day so it was nice to be outside. My wife wanted to go out somewhere today; I had some Cajun crackers made up to smoke and garden produce from my good neighbor to use. I said you & the kids go, I’ll stay here. I am getting so I am perfectly happy here at home.

I got my Cajun crackers on and smoked for an hour & a half. I decided to do some zucchini bread. My daughter in law had found a recipe that sounded good to me. I grated two cups of zucchini and had it ready to do on the smoker after the crackers were done.

The wood pellet smokers should be good bakers since most are just wood fired convection ovens with indirect heat. Years ago when I bought my Amana glass top range it came with a convection oven. It was just an added fan in the oven to circulate the air. It said the advantage of that was you could do most recipes using a lower temp. for the same amount of time or a higher temp. in less time. I didn’t use the fan that often since I was usually trying to cook several dishes different methods and done at the same time for a meal. I used it mostly for browning a roast at the end of cooking or melting cheese when it calls for cheese to be added at the end.

I have baked cornbread and cobblers on my Traeger with good results. Most call for 350 deg. so I do them at 325 on my Traeger since that gives me close to 350 deg. at grill level. Most are done at or close to the given times. Cornbread usually takes a little longer since most recipes call for 375 deg.

The zucchini bread was a mix of grated zucchini, sugar, eggs, veggie oil, flour, baking powder and soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, and raisons were optional. The recipe made two loaves and called for baking 45 to 50 minutes at 350 deg. I put them in long ways, front to back and rotated end for end after 25 min. I should have rotated front to back too since the back one was done first. It was done in 45 minutes and the other took another 7 to 8 minutes.

I am not a great zucchini bread lover but thought this recipe was great. It came out nice and moist good texture and the cinnamon and nutmeg was a great flavor. Of course you need some good butter on top! It was a big hit with everyone.

So guys and gals don’t just smoke meat, bake up some good desserts for the family!

Printable Bread Recipe

My Cajun Crackers

Ready for the smoker

On the smoker

Sliced, the buttered piece is for the cook!

Smokin Don

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