Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thanks to all my Followers and Viewers

Feb 15 2017

Thanks to Google for the free space for blogs and to my followers and all who view. I started the blog back in 2011 mainly as a log for my cooking and BBQ. It made a great place to keep my recipes and go back to view later.

The first few years I didn’t have that many followers or viewers but they slowly picked up. I only use the simplest adware so my pages are not cluttered with ads. I now average over 300 a day, 10,000 a month and I have had over 400,000 page views since I started. I note too that about half are coming from countries all over the world.

I hope you all enjoy my site and that I am spreading a little good will to people in other countries.

You may note I am slowing down now at 75 years old this month. I now use a lot of store bought sides rather than do them from scratch. You can still find good side dishes in the archives. I started by only posting cooks with my Traeger smoker and gas grills. I now include a lot of my indoor cooks too.

For a long time I was cooking for my 95 year old Mother too; taking her frozen leftovers. For over a year now she has my brother and sister that carry food in to her everyday. Now I have to learn how to cut my portions down since it’s just the wife and me.

Again thanks to all for viewing! I will keep posting as long as I am able to cook!

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  1. Thank you. I enjoy your blog very much. It is very helpful and enjoyable.