Sunday, February 12, 2017

Power Air Fryer XL Wings

Feb 12 2014

I wanted to try wings in my air fryer. I had 8 wings I cut the wing tip off. I had some Bob Evan’s double cheese with apple wood bacon for a side.

The chart for wings said 12 minutes at 400 deg. I preheated the fryer for 3 minutes then sprayed the basket with some olive oil. I added the wings, a little salt skin side down. I sprayed them with olive oil and in the fryer.

At 4 minutes in I checked and turned the wings skin side up. I had set the time for 14 minutes. I checked them 8 minutes in and then at 12 minutes. I put them back in for the 14 minutes total.

We all liked them but still could have been crispier. They were plenty done. Next time I’ll probably go 16 minutes.

I am still undecided if I like the fryer that well. I did fries twice and still didn’t get them right and this time with the wings not brown enough for me.


Wings 4 min. in

8 minutes in

After 14 minutes

My supper

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