Friday, February 10, 2017

Beef Tenderloin Steaks and Air Fryer Fries

Feb 10 2016

I saw videos of cooking chicken in a Power Air Fryer XL on let’s Talk BBQ forum and it looked good. I had to have one I bought one at Sam’s club. My first cook was last night and did some Ore Ida frozen fast food fries as a side for my beef tenderloin steaks. I was a little disappointed; not in the fryer but at myself for adding a minute to the recommended 15 to 16 minutes and never checked them. They were way too crispy! I have just enough fries left to try some for lunch today.

The beef tenderloin steaks turned out great. I did them in a cast iron skillet heated on med. high, 6, with a little olive oil. I did them 5 minutes per side. After the first flip I added 3 pats of butter and some dried chives and basted the steaks several times while finishing to an IT of 148 deg. After the 10 minutes I turned the burner down to med. low. I removed them to plates, some gorgonzola cheese on top and spooned some of the butter over. I tented them with foil and let set 3 or 4 minutes. Now was the time to check the fries, had 3 minutes left on the timer.

The steaks were perfect, a med. rare plus; just the way the wife and me like. These tenderloin steaks; about 2 inches thick are the tastiest steaks you can get in my opinion.

I just had the fries for lunch. I did them in the fryer and stirred at 5 minutes and 10 minutes. I pulled them out after 14 minutes. They were still a little crispy for me and next time will do 13 minutes. My wife liked them with some malt vinegar; for mine I had a dip sauce of equal parts mayo, mustard and ketchup. We about had them all ate before I remembered to take a pic of them.

The Air Fryer

The fries

The steaks

Small salad

My supper

Done just right for us

2nd try at the fries


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