Wednesday, February 22, 2017

BLT's Air Fryer Fries & Corn on the Cob

Feb 22 2017

The warm 65 deg. weather had me hungry for some bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches. I had almost a pound of Kah Meats thick sliced smoked bacon to use and I found some vine ripe tomatoes that looked decent. I wanted to use just plain white bread. I also had some corn on the cob to steam.

I also wanted to try some Ore Ida fast food fries in my Air fryer. This would be the third time so had to come out good!

I cooked the bacon on my Traeger at about 290 to 300 deg. grill level and took about an hour. I had lightly sprinkled some Savors Pig Candy on it.

When the bacon was done I got the corn in my rice cooker to steam. I preheated the Air Fryer for 3 minutes. I sprayed the basket with some olive oil, added 3 handfuls of fries and sprayed with olive oil.
I had it on Fries at 400 deg. for 13 minutes. I checked them 5 minutes in and stirred then at 10 minutes they were done and the corn was done.

I made my wife’s sandwich with mayo and on mine I had mustard on the bottom slice and mayo on the top slice and had 3 layers of bacon on them.  The tomatoes were not like garden tomatoes but the sandwich was still good. The corn was tender and sweet. I was happy with the fries. If I only use the Air fryer for fries it will be worth it; after I learned how to do them!

Bacon on my Traeger 

For the sandwiches

The fries

My corn

My supper

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