Sunday, February 5, 2017

Creole Shrimp & CP Grits

Feb 05 2016

I am a grit lover so when I saw this recipe for stone ground grits in a Crockpot had to try it. It would save a lot of time standing at the stove stirring.

I had found a can of Creole Fixins by Margaret Holmes. She has a lot of good seasoned canned products. I had some good wild caught jumbo shrimp from Krogers to add to the sauce. I thought this will be a super easy meal to fix.

I got my grits in the Crockpot at noon for eating at 6:00. I greased the pot with a half stick of butter and added what was left of it. I always use a whole stick when doing stove top.

I got my skillet with a little olive oil on at 5:30 to heat the sauce for the shrimp. Here I was surprised when I dumped in the can of sauce; it had rice in it too. Oh well we had Creole shrimp and rice over grits!

At 20 till I checked my grits and they were way too thin; I went to high to try and get them thickened some.

It tasted pretty good even though the grits were too thin. We had a salad and bread and butter with it.

Next time I will leave the extra butter out of the grits; I had a lot floating on top that may have slowed down the evaporation of water. I will not rinse the grits, never heard of anyone doing that anyway and maybe cut the water to 3 cups. I think I would go to high the last hour too. I may just jump to using my Instant Pot on slow cook low. If they come out too thin I could probably thicken them up quick by using Sauté low.

Anyway some of you grit lovers may want to play with the recipe. If you search “Crockpot Grits” there are a few recipes out there.

Click Here for printable grit recipe


Grits at 5.5 hours

The shrimp

Ready to serve

My salad and bread

My supper

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