Sunday, February 19, 2017

Meatloaf and Steamed Potatoes & Carrots

Feb 19 2017

It was a nice day to cook out, a sunny 65 deg. It’s been a few years since I fixed this recipe for Dad’s meatloaf by Tyler Florence. I got it from a fellow LTBBQ member. I did change by using stuffing mix instead of bread crumbs and used buttermilk in place of milk. That was an idea from a follower of my blog.

This is a little different; you cook the veggies making a tomato relish instead of adding them raw. I think it really intensifies the flavor. It comes out rather wet and is really moist after cooking. It has a sweet tomato taste. I prefer a more beefy taste but my wife liked it and it was good for a change. I just had two pounds of meat instead of 2 ½ so I cut back to using 5 tomatoes and I used 6 mini sweet peppers.

I got it all mixed up and went in the fridge for a little over an hour before smoking. I usually like it to set at least 2 hours but I had forgotten I had to cook the veggies. I preheated my Traeger to 200 deg. and got the meat loaf on at 4:20. I had added some of the tomato relish to the top and then topped it with bacon. I planned to eat at 6:00

My side was some steamed baby Dutch potatoes and carrots tossed with butter and parsley. I did them for 10 minutes on steam in my Instant Pot. It all came together about the same time; the meatloaf was at 165 deg. IT.

I had a salad with mine and the wife had an English muffin. We both liked it; the meatloaf was fall apart but tasted great. I had added a half cup plus a handful of stuffing mix and it could have used a cup probably.

Click Here for original recipe

All but the meat and eggs

Veggies for the tomato relish

Relish cooking

Meatloaf ready for the fridge

Ready for the smoker

Done ready to take in and rest 5 min.

Potatoes and carrots

My salad

My supper

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