Wednesday, February 15, 2017

BB Ribs, Baked Potato and Cauliflower

Feb 15 2017

We had a great day yesterday to cook out, 48 deg. and sunny. I was glad since I was getting hungry for some pork ribs. It was the first I had use the smoker since before Thanksgiving.

I had a rack of BB ribs I cut in half; I wanted to freeze half to use with kraut later. I got the ribs out a half hour before going on the smoker; I forgot to pull the membrane! The half to freeze was a little red wine vinegar to wet, salt & pepper. For the half to eat were a little red wine vinegar and some seasoning Brad from Beer & Wine Depot gave me to try.

My sides would be a baked potato stuck with a potato rod and baked for 1 ½ hours at 260 deg. You get some nice potato to eat and then a crispy potato skin to eat. It was large enough to split in half and share with the wife. I also had some cauliflower I nuked with some butter and then in my Air Fryer; it was done in 5 minutes.

I did the ribs in my Traeger at 200 deg. for 1 ½ hours then went to 245 deg. this was giving me 255 to 260 at grill level. At 2 ½ hours I pulled the half to freeze after checking temp. With an hour to go I mopped with dome of my Butcher’s , Kah Meats, BBQ sauce and went to 255 deg. for about 280 deg. grill level. The ribs were on a total of 5 ½ hours. Kah’s BBQ sauce is my favorite, a little like Sweet Baby Ray’s but has a little more tang to it.

I would not have had to up the temp. on the ribs the last hour they were fall apart tender. Leaving the membrane on made them hard to slice without pulling the meat off. They were sure tasty though; Brads seasoning was good but I like my Galena St. rub better. The potato was good as usual. The cauliflower got a nice brown in the Air fryer but I was not that impressed. For all the butter I had on them you could hardly tell it.

The Ribs

2 1/2 hours in pulled the one half

4 1/2 hours in added sauce

Done and resting

Sliced to serve

The potato


My supper

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