Thursday, November 3, 2016

My New Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet

Nov 03 2016

I am a happy 74 yr. old kid today; I got my new Stargazer 10.5 Cast Iron Skillet in the mail. It is a beauty!
Peter Huntley and two friends started the company in 2015. Their goal was to make a quality cast iron skillet 100% made in the USA. I ordered mine back in June or July and was supposed to be shipped in August. My skillet would be from a second run.

They ran into problems with the foundry supplying the raw castings on time so had delays in shipping. I was glad to finally get mine and looks like it will be worth the wait. They since have went with a different foundry and should be getting caught up with the orders.

You can get the skillet bare or seasoned and I got a bare one wanting to season it myself. It came lightly coated with their seasoning oil for protection. It also included a Crisbee seasoning puck; I had already bought some Crisbee sticks and planned to use it. The inside was perfectly polished to a smooth finish and the back side was a pretty smooth surface with nice detailed writing and their logo.

I didn’t waste any time getting the first seasoning done. I first washed it in hot soapy water and rinsed well to get rid of the oil on it. Don’t grimace about me using soap; if you have a Lodge the last step they do before seasoning theirs is a soapy water bath and then a rinse. I heated my oven to 400 deg. with the skillet in it. When it got to 200 deg. I took it out and applied the Crisbee; I wiped it all off with Scotts blue towels; which are highly absorbent.  I left it in for an hour then shut the oven off. I let it set a half hour before opening the oven to cool down.

The Crisbee seasoning contains beeswax and oils that they claim will help keep CI from rusting when stored along with a good nonstick surface.

I just got it out and it took on a step of darkening. I plan to do three more seasonings the same way before I use it. Mt first cook with it will be a batch of bacon and some eggs. I will update this post through my first cook.

In the box

First look

Smooth inside

Smooth on the back too

Cleaned and ready to season

Heating up

Applying the Crisbee

In at 400 deg. for an hour

First seasoning

Shown with my well used Lodge skillet

Second seasoning

Third seasoning

Fourth seasoning, ready to cook

I did a fifth seasoning of the inside

Nov 05 2016

I did the first cook on my Stargazer skillet tonight. I am more than pleased with it! Our daughter was here and we had breakfast for supper. I had to get some bacon in the skillet first! I did bacon, cornmeal mush and eggs. I fried some breakfast links for the daughter; I did them in my Lodge CS skillet so it all was done timely.

I fried up two skillets of bacon, about a half pound with some olive oil spray in the skillet. I left the grease in to fry the mush; I had dipped the mush in flour, it keeps it from popping so much. When I put the mush on I started the sausage links. I did the mush about 8 minutes per side on medium heat. When both were done they went into a 200 deg. oven to keep warm with the bacon. The bacon never stuck at all; even my old cast iron it will stick some.

I poured off all the grease but about a tablespoon and fried two eggs for the wife and daughter and served them. I then did two eggs for myself, the cook got two! I covered the skillet with a glass lid that fit to self-baste. None of the eggs stuck at all, came out easy. We had some English muffins with all.

It all tasted great and I was very happy with my skillet! After supper I cleaned it as usual with hot water and a blue Scotch pad. After I dried it I noted some light spots and rubbed it some more, I thought some of the egg whites had stuck. I had some 0000 steel wool and rubbed a couple of the spots. They didn’t come off but neither did any of the brown around them. I placed it on a hot burner and rubbed with some grape seed oil and heated until it smoked and wiped well.

The light spots are still there but I will continue to use it and if it cooks as well as did tonight I won’t worry about it. Maybe the spots are just part of the seasoning process and either from the egg whites or the flour I had on the mush.

I would sure recommend this skillet. You will not find one of better quality at this price.

Frying the bacon

Frying the mush

Some eggs

Eggs came out clean

My supper

After washing

After stove top seasoning


  1. Excellent! It's good to see at least someone is receiving a skillet based on the manufacturing delays.

  2. Looks like the sugars in the bacon removed some of your seasoning. That could be the white spots.