Friday, November 18, 2016

Instant Pot Beef, Mashed Potatoes & Haluski

Nov 17 2016

It was a beautiful fall day here an unusual warm day of almost 70 deg. It was great to be out cooking. I was hungry for beef and noodles. I went to my butcher looking for a nice arm roast; he didn’t have any but had this nice English cut chuck roast. It has the short ribs included with a chuck.

It was too big for my Instant Pot and for the wife and me. I cut the ribs off and a tail piece to save and use for some Asian style ribs later, I seasoned the roast with just some pepper to smoke on my Traeger first. There would be enough salt in the onion soup and gravy mix.

I had wanted noodles but had almost a half head of cabbage left from making kraut so I would have some Haluski. The roast went on my Traeger at 3:00 PM for an hour of smoke at 195 deg. Then I seared it in my Instant Pot on Sauté mode about 3 minutes per side. I then added some chopped carrots and onions and let them cook a while until the onions started to brown. I deglazed with some beer and then placed the roast on top. I mixed a packet of Lipton’s beefy onion soup mix and Pioneer brown gravy with about 2 cups of water and poured over the roast.  I set the IP to Meat Stew normal mode for 55 minutes.

When the beef was done I let set about 10 minutes then released the steam, removed from the pot, and shredded; it was fall apart tender. I added the meat back to the pot and set on slow cook normal while I cooked the noodles and cabbage. When the noodles and cabbage was about done I nuked some Bob Evans garlic mashed potatoes.

I served it all with some toasted English muffins and butter. It sure was good tasting, the more I use my instant pot the more I like it.

The English cut chuck roast

Divided it up

It got an hour of smoke

Seared in the IP

Carrots & onions sauted

Beef added with soup & gravy mix in water

Roast was done

Shredded then back in the pot

Frying the Haluski

My supper

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