Friday, November 11, 2016

Greek BBRibs, Potatoes & Mush

Nov 10 2016

With the cooler weather my new Stargazer CI skillet and Instant pot has been my cooks lately. I was ready for something from my smoker. I was hungry for ribs but different from my regular and when I want that I go with Greek style BBRibs. With lemon juice & zest, garlic oregano, salt and pepper gives a great taste to pork ribs. This time I added a little fresh ground coriander seeds.

My sides were not Greek but had leftovers to use so it was some potatoes and carrots and cornmeal mush. I pulled the membrane and got the ribs seasoned and in the fridge for two hours before getting them on my Traeger pellet smoker.

I had planned on 5 ½ hours for the ribs; 2 ½ on smoke at 200 deg. 2 hours at 250 deg. and 300 deg. for the last hour. At 3 ½ hours in I thought the ribs were getting too done after checking temp with my thermopen so the next hour was at 250 deg. grill level. After 4 ½ hours I added some cornmeal mush and eased the temps to 300 deg. grill level for the rest of the cook.

At 5:50 I pulled the ribs and took inside to rest. I nuked the potatoes and carrots then brought the mush in. I served with some cheese bread and butter.

The ribs were great, a little fall off the bone but tasted great. The mush was not as good as crisp fried but still tasted good with the meal.

Click Here for printable recipe

Ribs seasoned

2 !/2 hrs. of smoke

Mush added, 300 deg. for last hr.

Done and resting

Slicing to serve

My supper

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