Saturday, June 25, 2016

Heinz New BBQ Sauce Part 2

Jun 25 2016

I had bought a sampler pack of 4 different of the Heinz BBQ sauce. Earlier I did a rack of pork BBRibs and tried the Memphis and the Carolina styles. I finally did another rack to try the Texas and the Kansas City styles.

Tasting out of the bottle I liked the Texas style the best. I tried to do this rack as close to the first rack as far as the way I seasoned and temps and times I smoked them.

I pulled the membrane and seasoned lightly with some Penzey’s Galena ST. rub. They sat out for 45 minutes before going on the smoker. I did them for 5 hours total and sauced them after 4 hours.

I had some corn on the cob I steamed in my rice cooker and made up a salad of cottage cheese, Tennessee tomatoes and sweet Vidalia onions. I have been making the salad for years; one of our favorites when I get good tomatoes to use. I had some garlic knots I did in the oven.

We had butter, Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle and parmesan on our corn. I had the Penzey’s on my salad too.

The Kansas City sauce was too sweet for me but I liked the Texas pretty well. My wife said without adding sauce she liked the Texas better but liked the Kansas City with sauce added. Over all I would say all the sauces are better than most store bought I have had in the past. I think the Texas style would be good on brisket and the Carolina style would work well on pulled pork.

Our favorite BBQ sauce we get from my butcher Kah Meats. His recipe is from his Dad, Dick Kah.

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Ribs ready for the smoker.

For my salad

After 4 hrs. ready to sauce


Resting a bit

My corn

My supper

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