Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Father's Day gift 2016

Jun 19 2016

Hope all Dads had a great Father’s Day, ate some good BBQ and food with family!  I had a pretty nice week-end and we had great weather.

Our daughter came for the week-end. Saturday I had two guys in putting new roofs on my two sheds and they finished by late evening.

Our son took us all out to eat Saturday evening. We went to a pizza place about an hour away. They have wood fired pizza ovens there and it was delicious. We had some appetizers and then a pepperoni, red pepper and onion regular style pizza and a Detroit style pizza. It’s a little like a deep dish but is made in a square pan with crispy gooey edges.

I had Sunday brunch for all. After we ate my wife gave me a present. We usually just get our own but she had seen I had a Camp Chef iron griddle in my wish list on Amazon and got that for me. In one way I have her trained right! The kids had already given me a cast iron garlic roaster and a stainless bacon fryer early.

I got the griddle seasoned this afternoon. I first sprayed it all over with some Pam and let that cook off. In 10 minutes I was getting 600 deg. on the griddle. I let it go for 20 minutes and then let it cool down.

After it cooled I gave the cooking surface a thin coat of lard and heated it up again for 20 minutes. It should be ready to do some good smash burgers on it this week.

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