Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beer Brats and Leftovers

Sep 26 2015

I haven’t done any beer brats lately. After I got my Traeger I like them about as well just smoked and then turn up the heat to finish or move to my gas grill to brown up. I wanted to do some beer brats so I looked at some recipes.

I used some of Guy Fieri’s recipe. I browned up some diced bacon on my gas burner, added some sliced onions, peppers and garlic. When the onions started to brown up I poured in a beer and then added the fresh brats from my butcher. I pierced them so they would take on the beer flavor and the brats would flavor the beer.

I simmered them for 15 minutes turning half way through; I didn’t have them completely covered. After they had simmered I removed and sliced one side some and they went on my Weber Spirit I had on medium 350 to 400 deg. I did them about 8 minutes per side to get a nice brown.

While they were on the grill I added about a tablespoon of mustard to the beer and onions; I added a little more beer since it was cooking off. I added the grilled brats back to the beer & onions and let simmer a few minutes while I toasted the tops of the brat buns on the grill a couple of minutes, then took inside to serve the wife and me.

I sliced a little off the tops of the buns; these squares them up and let’s sit on the grill to brown up. I also sprayed them with a little olive oil.

I served the brats with some of the onions and peppers and mustard. Our sides were leftover smashed potatoes and cabbage gratin. I liked the brats this way.


For the brats

Browning the bacon

Onions, peppers, garlic, beer and brats added

Ready for the grill

Browning on the grill

Ready to serve

My supper

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