Friday, September 25, 2015

Sirloin Beef, Smashed Potatoes and Cabbage Gratin

Sep 24 2015

Monday I could not find a beef brisket flat like I wanted so I bought this 4.75 pound beef sirloin tritip roast. Don’t know why they called it tritip; maybe because it looked to me like 3 attached muscles. I don’t like to buy meat in packages since they usually hide some bad stuff. This one had some gristle and fat wrapped in. I trimmed away about ¾ pounds when I split the roast.

The one piece was about 1.5 pounds and I placed it in some Stubbs Beef Marinade overnight turning it 3 times. After marinating it I rolled and tied it. The other piece looks like it will be good to smoke to rare then thin slice for some Italian beef; I vacuum sealed it and froze.

Tuesday I got the roast on my Traeger; I did it on smoke for 45 minutes and then placed it on a rack in a roaster and poured in some beef consume and eased up the temp to 300 deg. grill level. It took an hour 45 minutes total to get it to 130 deg. IT. After it cooled it went in the fridge.

Wednesday I went out to the Ford dealer to look at cars. I ended up buying a 2015 Escape and we were able to pick it up at supper time so the beef would wait until Thursday. It’s loaded with about all you could get on it. We like driving it.

The wife was going to the High School soccer game to see the grandson’s team run on the field with the big boys so we ate a little early.

I sliced up the roast and nuked some Dutch baby gold potatoes I smashed them’ poured some melted butter over, seasoned with dried garlic flakes, salt and pepper. I nuked about ¾ head of cabbage, dotted with butter, added 2 Tbs. of flour a little sugar and salt. I poured about ¾ cup of hot milk over and added some shredded sharp cheddar.

The potatoes and cabbage went in a 350 deg. oven for 45 minutes. I just nuked the sliced sirloin with some of the pan juice in the microwave and served the wife and me with some toasted bread and butter. The sirloin was about as tender as it gets and loved the Stubbs marinade. This was the first time I had used his beef marinade. It is good and has a little heat.

The roast

The half I marinated and rolled and scraps

In the marinade overnight

Larger one I froze

Ready for the smoker

Done at 130 deg. IT


Cabbage with butter and flour mix

Some hot milk and cheese added

Potatoes ready for the oven

Cabbage done

Potatoes done

My supper

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