Sunday, September 6, 2015

Spam Burnt Ends over Grits

Sep 05 2015

A few days ago I satisfied my yen for a fried Spam sandwich and then had to try smoking some at the suggestions of a couple members. This led to the next step of trying some Spam burnt ends and they would be good over grits.

It was hot and muggy; a sittin out back sipping beer kinda day! I had read over Old Dave’s recipe for pork burnt ends for a guide. I figured 3 hours would be plenty for the Spam. I used m1 ½ cans of the original Spam; cut it in half length wise and then in 3 slices and cut them in thirds. This gave 1 inch by 1 ¼ inch chunks. I seasoned them well with some Blues Hog Rub.

I had the Traeger heated to 180 deg. 200 grill level. The Spam went on a frog mat for an hour. I then eased up to 275 deg. grill level for another hour. They looked good at two hours so I added them to a foil pan and added the sauce. For my sauce I used about a third cup of Kah’s BBQ sauce and 3 TBS. of Blues Hog Tennessee Red sauce.

The last hour I stirred them a couple of times and went to 290 deg. grill level for the last half hour. I went inside and got my grits cooking. I had some Palmetto Farms white and yellow mix course ground grits. I had a few jowl bacon bits left I added to the grits.

I served the burnt ends over the grits, a side salad and some bread and butter. I had a couple tablespoons of the Tennessee Red sauce over my Spam and Grits. That tasted pretty good and did not take much preparation.

The Spam


After 1 hour

After 2 hours

Sauced for the last hour

Grits done and bacon added

My salad

My supper

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