Friday, May 29, 2015

Smashed Onion Burger, Smashed Potato and Veggies

May 29 2015

I found this recipe on and was courtesy of Sid’s restaurant located somewhere in Oklahoma.
It’s more of a method than a recipe and about the fastest burgers I ever cooked!

I was tired from mowing yesterday so spent a lazy day; hoed the weeds in my garden, watered some flowers and sprayed some weeds with round up.

Time for supper I heated my Weber Spirit to 400 deg. with Grillen Grates. I made two loosely packed balls from the ground chuck, about tennis ball size, and sliced some Vidalia onion thin for my burger, my wife just wanted cheese on hers. I nuked two small red potatoes in the microwave for two minutes, and then smashed to brown on the grill. I sprayed two buns with some olive oil to toast on the grill.

I had some Asian style veggies for a side, wild rice, edamame and carrots. When my grill was ready I put the veggies in the microwave and they would be ready when the burgers were done.

I put the potatoes on first and then the burgers and mashed them thin, closed the lid and after 1 minute added some Penzey’s 4S salt to the burgers and potatoes and the onions to my burger. I closed the lid for a minute then smashed the onions in my burger and flipped both. Closed the lid for a minute then added some cheese to the burgers and placed the buns in to toast. Closed the lid for another minute, then placed the buns on the burgers and took all inside to serve. I didn’t get many pics but as fast as they cooked this ole man was lucky to get any!

All was delicious and love the onions cooked with the burger. I added some mustard to mine and the wife had mustard and dill pickles in hers. Next time I would like two with the cheese in the middle. Sid’s used American cheese but I used some Sargento’s 4State shredded cheddar. I really prefer sliced Swiss but didn’t have any.

On the grill

About done

My supper

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