Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bologna Cheeseburger

May 13 2015

Last night’s supper was quick and easy. I love bologna sandwiches and cheeseburgers so why not put the two together? I had bought a frozen broccoli and cheddar bake that looked good, gluten free so that would be a quick side to have. I think the older I get the more I turn to frozen veggies and pasta dishes for sides; they do have some that are pretty good. My buns were onion poppy seed Ciabata.

My bologna was Bohrer and Moore old fashioned bung bologna sliced ¼ inch thick. I get it from my butcher Kah Meats. Bohrer and Moore was a meat packing company in Wapakoneta, Ohio that went out of business due to large packers. Not sure when they started, probably in the late 40’s. My uncle who was a butcher, and ran a grocery when I was growing up in the 50’s; got his hams from there. It was the best ham I ever ate. I think they were still in business when I moved here in 1973. When they went out of business the owner knew Dick Kah from Kah Meats loved his bologna so he gave him the recipe. I am sure glad he did; I have found no better bologna out there.

I made up the burgers with a press and made them thin. I had my Weber Spirit at 350-400 deg. with Grillen Grates. The burgers went on 4 minutes then flipped for 3 minutes, Swiss cheese added to melt and the buns to brown. I had cut the edges of the bologna to keep it from curling; it went on a little after the burgers. I had my side heating in the microwave.

It was a good sandwich, and one was enough to fill you up! I had some Vidalia onion and mustard on mine. My wife and I both liked it but think they are better when done alone. Bacon is still tops to add to a burger. I thought about it and had to try it! I liked the broccoli cheddar bake but the wife said it left her with an aftertaste.

Sandwich and side

Pressing the burgers

Ready for the grill

Our side

About done

Cheese and buns added

Sandwich with a good beer


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