Friday, May 22, 2015

Finger Steaks, Asparagus and Corn on the Cob

May 21 2015

It was a cool 60 deg. and cloudy about all day; the sun came out about 4:00. I ran the hand mower around to tri today and will finish with the rider tomorrow so I will have it nice for the week-end and relax. It is supposed to be warmer Sat. and Sun. I don’t have any big meals planned for Memorial Day; our daughter will be here and the son and family will be in and out. Our daughter lives in the Chicago area and we haven’t seen her for a while so will be nice to have her here.

We will go out to eat some and Sunday plan on getting some good broasted chicken from Sandman’s carry out. I am going to smoke a beef arm roast and a chicken tomorrow and pull the meat for sandwiches, tacos or wraps; like help yourself and get your own!

Tonight’s supper was easy with not much prepping; finger steaks and asparagus on the Traeger and some corn on the cob steamed in my rice cooker. I cut the sirloin steak in finger size pieces; a light spry of olive oil, a little Worcestershire sauce and some of Tees Savor Top Secret seasoning. It set for about 25 minutes before going on the grill. I was going to use my Weber Spirit but the Grillen Grates were already in the Traeger so thought I would use it. I was too lazy to remove both covers and move the grates!

I also washed and cut the asparagus and made two bundles with silicone rubber bands and drizzled on olive oil and white balsamic vinegar; seasoned with Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle. They sat for a while too.

I had the corn in the steamer and the Traeger heated to 325 deg. which was about 350 deg. grill level. The steak and asparagus went on the Grillen grates about 6 to 7 minutes then turned for another 6 minutes.

I had some Saucy Sow’s smoky horseradish sauce to dip my steak in and had butter, parmesan and some Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle on my corn. The corn was good for shipped in from the grocery and the steak was tender and tasty. Tee’s Top Secret goes great with beef!

Sirloin steak


Asparagus bundles

Corn ready to steam

All done on the Traeger

My supper

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