Saturday, January 17, 2015

No Beans Chili

This is a little different since I usually have beans in my chili. There are some who will argue that it’s not chili if it has beans in it. I am just the opposite, it’s not chili without the beans so just call it what you like!

I went to my butcher’s Thursday to buy some meat and got 2 pounds of ground chuck for my chili. This was my second time out since my back operation just a month ago and my first time driving. When my wife fixed some store bought crab cakes that neither one of us could eat; I decided it was time to get back into doing the cooking!

I browned up the beef in two batches; draining the first batch and leaving the grease in the second; a little fat makes it better.  I added half the chopped onion to each batch when it was getting browned and let them get soft.  I put the beef in a large pot and added the 3 TBS. chili powder, 1 tsp. cumin and some dried garlic flakes. I let that cook a few minutes then added most of a bottle of stout beer; I had to save a few sips for me! I let that simmer about 15 minutes.

I pureed the can of fire roasted tomatoes, can of Rotel tomatoes and stirred that into the pot. I added the can of tomato paste, a tsp. of 4S salt and about 1 TBS. of mustard powder. When that returned to a boil I turned it down to simmer and covered. I let it simmer an hour and a half. For the last half hour I added a TBS. of smoked paprika and a TBS. of brown sugar.

It hit the spot for cold weather food, even without the beans! I had some leftover rice so added some to the bottom of my bowl topped with the chili and a handful of shredded cheese. My wife did not have the rice. We both like buttered saltines with our chili.

I will probably freeze up most of the leftovers, some for Coney dogs and some for on top of spaghetti.


Browning the ground chuck

Chili powder and cumin added

Beer and tomatoes added

Ready to serve

My supper

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