Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cheesy Baked Mush w/ Beef Braciole and Italian Gravy

Jan 27 2015

I had a loaf of cornmeal mush and about half left after frying some that needed used. I looked at some grits and polenta recipes and came up with one to use what I had on hand. I melted a couple pats of butter in a 10 inch casserole dish; I sliced the mush a good ¼ inch and made a layer. I beat an egg and added about 1 ½ cups cottage cheese, mixed up and layered over the mush. I added a layer of some shredded sharp cheddar and some Colby jack.

I put in another layer of mush and sprinkled some Penzey’s sandwich seasoning; any good garlic based seasoning salt will work. I finished it with a good layer of shredded triple cheddar. It went uncovered into a preheated oven at 325 deg. for an hour. If I was choosing the cheese I would go with shredded gruyere or Swiss on the bottom, mozzarella and parmesan on the top. For this I used what cheese I had on hand.

I had a beef braciole thawed that had been seasoned with Tee’s Top Secret seasoning and smoked on my Traeger. It went into a casserole dish with some left over Italian gravy and in the oven with the mush.

When that was done I toasted some garlic bread under the broiler, sliced the beef and served. The wife and I both liked it. The beef was tender and all tasted good with some of the Italian gravy over. The daughter in law stopped in before picking up the grandson at a friend’s house and ate some of the mush casserole with the Italian gravy and said it was good.

Making up the mush layers

Braciole and gravy

Mush is done

My supper

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