Sunday, March 20, 2016

My take on Izzy's Potato Pancakes

Mar 19 2016

We ate at Izzy's Deli, in Cincinnati, OH about 8 years ago. They are famous for their Rueben’s and potato pancakes, (latkes). I was looking for their potato pancake recipe. I found one I liked plus added some touches from looking at Izzy's Deli Facebook page.

They show making up the pancakes, they use Kennebec potatoes from Maine, chop some into a batter, shred some and then just add flour and their seasoning then shallow deep fry. In their video it looks like they just have enough oil to cover the pancakes and fry without turning.

3 large potatoes, peeled
1 large onion
3 eggs
3 heaping Tbs. Flour
salt and pepper to taste, I used Penzey's sandwich sprinkle

I chopped 2 potatoes and the onion in my Ninja and shredded the third potato. I mixed those together and stirred in the 3 eggs until well blended, added the seasoning and stirred it in then added the flour and stirred it in.

I was having BLT's with these so I cooked my Kah's bacon on my Traeger and had it ready with tomatoes and lettuce.

I had a little over ¼ inch of olive and veggie oil in my skillet. My new Maverick infrared thermometer gun worked great keeping my oil at 350 deg. I fried larger ones about 5 inches around for each of us one at a time as the wife and daughter made up their sandwiches. After I got them served I made mine up and my sandwich was mustard on the bottom bun, comeback sauce on the top one, some thin sliced ham, bacon, lettuce and tomato. I had a HAMBLT

We all had applesauce with the pancakes. Sure was good! After I got my pancake ate and half my sandwich ate I fried up the rest of the pancakes. I made them a little smaller, abojut 4 inches and they were easier to flip. I had 9 more and we ate all but 2.

Now that was not a true recipe of Izzy's Deli pancakes but my take on them and pretty darn good.

It looked like Izzy's Deli does not us eggs in theirs so I plan to try that the next time and see how it goes. It has been so long since I ate there I don't remember how they tasted.

Bacon on the Traeger

Ready for sandwiches

Potatoes and onion for the pancakes

Grated potato

Chopping in the Ninja

Chopped potatoes

Added in the shredded ones and eggs

Seasoning added

Flour stirred in

Frying first one

My supper

Frying up the rest

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