Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hummers are Headed South

Aug 30 2013

In about 20 years photographing humming birds I finally got some decent photos of two doing a little aerial combat. Usually the battles are so quick and the two are gone before I can ever get a shot. These two today seemed to not be that aggressive and they were staying close to the one feeder. I sat in a chair about 10 feet away and shot 80 photos.

The hardest part is getting the birds in focus; the birds are too small for me and the camera to get a good focus on the birds. I have to focus on the feeder and hope the birds will be in focus. After looking at the photos I could see the reason they were not that aggressive is it was two young birds and on the one I could see it was a young male just starting to get his red throat. They were probably born around here and not transients.

This time of year they are starting their migration south. I think my place is marked on their built in maps as a place to stop and tank up a day or two. For the past two weeks I have seen them a lot every day. Here are four of the better shots I took.

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