Saturday, September 7, 2013

Skillet Fried Chicken and Mac & Cheese

Sept 06 2013

Ever since I cleaned and re seasoned my Lodge 12 inch cast iron skillet I have wanted to fry chicken outdoors on my gas burner. I have had the gas burner a long time but never fried chicken on it.

I wanted to do a good meal for my wife since Monday she will be getting two new knees. We both love fried chicken so I would fix it for her. I just happened to see one of Tricia Yearwood’s shows and she did fried chicken and some Crockpot Mac & Cheese. I printed out her recipes and followed them.

I got my chicken cut up and in brine early this morning. It would be in the brine about 5 hours and then air dry in the fridge about two hours. After lunch I did some cornbread muffins on my Traeger that came out real nice. I used my favorite mix, Miracle Maize sweet style.

I got the mac & cheese mixed and in the Crockpot for a 3 ½ hour cook on low.

I got my skillet on the burner with a good ½ inch of vegetable oil and a couple pats of butter at 5:00 PM and figured on eating at 6:00. It was coming up to temp slow so I figured I had time to get all the chicken dredged in flour and ready to fry. When I went out the oil was too hot; just over 400 deg. When I finally got it cooled down to 380 deg. I put the chicken in. The recipe said 375 deg. and 15 minutes on a side.

I had partially covered it with the lid but ended up taking it off. The temp was a little harder to keep controlled than I had thought. I removed the chicken to a wire rack and drained while I served the wife and me. We had some sliced red beets for a side.

It tasted good, moist and crispy skin even though I had some a little burnt. I think I can do better the next time. The mac & cheese was good and easy enough I will be using her recipe again.

Muffins in the smoker

Cooling & my favorite mix

Ready to flour

Ready to fry

In the skillet

Mac & Cheese


My Supper

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