Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Hummer photos

Sept 21 2013

I have not set out to watch and take hummingbird photos this summer as much as I have in the past. Late August and September are best for getting photos anyway since they start their migration south and I always get more in here fighting over the feeders. I still had two in here yesterday, Sept. 20th and I believe that was the date I last saw any last year.I am ready for them to go; getting tired of keeping fresh sugar water out for them!

I have been busy visiting my wife in rehab after she had both knees replaced. She is doing well and hope to have her back home by next Thursday. I did have time to set out the other day and got some nice shots so I am sharing them with you. They are amazing little birds; weigh less than an ounce, can hover and fly any direction, fly a steady 35 mph and can reach 50 mph burst speed.

The Ruby Throated Hummingbirds we get east of the Mississippi River migrate here every summer from South America and go back in the fall. They make a 500 mile trip across the Gulf of Mexico but more and more they are following the coast into Texas and North.

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